Monday, April 12, 2010

Bread Making fun

When we went food shopping on Saturday I bought something I have wanted to buy for a very long time....

Proper bread making flour! A lot of it!

I sifted (oh yes haha lame joke!) through some recipes and decided to go with this one:
It was very easy to follow and my arms got a great work out with all the kneading.
The flour is very different from usual plain flour. It doesn't have that bleached crazy white look. It kneads up a lot easier and quicker too.
So this is what I ended up with:

The perfect loaf!
I didn't add any seeds as this loaf will be shared with our daughter but I will make some more and do some experimenting.
I also made a sweet chili and cheese loaf using a mixture of my mum's, grandpa's and store bought sweet chili sauces. My grandpa's one is VERY hot chili but tastes so good.
The silly husband pulled off a big chunk of the saucy, cheesey top and scoffed it down. He doesn't tolerate hot chili so that was a bit of a mistake! I had to remind him to eat th bread part too....To avoid fire in the mouth again.
Looks like another sunny day outside so what can I bake today?
Pesto and cheese scrolls?
Herb & Garlic loaf?
Spinich and cheese twist?
The options are endless!
Cinnamon scrolls?


  1. Clare, that is an excellent loaf. Well done! I buy my flour in a 12.5 kg pack too. Looks like you're on your way to some excellent loaves and rolls

  2. Looks delicious. Congratulations on your first loaf! xo m.