Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cooking Before 10am. Yes, I Am Crazy.

On Sunday I ran into one of my loveliest friends at church and made a date for morning tea this morning.
It was all planned, we would bake delicious goodies, set up our blankets of the lush green oval behind my place and let the kids play while we chatted and sampled the yumminess.

Of course I had forgotten that to make the pesto scrolls I had intended there was no way I could have dough made, kneaded, risen, kneaded, mixed with pesto, risen and baked by 10am.
My usual alarm (the little girl) goes off at about 6am every morning so I thought I could maybe complete this impossible task of scrolls.
But of course this morning was not the same.
I woke. Early. In my half asleep haze I looked up at tthe baby monitor. What? No sound? She must be asleep still. Check volume. Yes it is on. Well I am going right back to sleep while I can!

I assumed the most I would get was 5 minutes.
I woke to my husband's alarm at 755am. I looked at him, he looked at me. His face said "Why are you still in bed!?"
I grabbed the baby monitor. Volume was on fairly high.
Oh darn.
I guess in my half asleep haze earlier that morning I had changed the channel.
I switched it over and thankfully there was no screaming, just baby talk, chattering to herself.

I leapt out of bed, got baby up and fed and looked at the clock.
Hmmm....I had one hour to bake something delicious.
I made myself busy and by 10am (still in pjs) I had these:

Mmm yummy AND pretty!

Of course silly old me had a lot of cake batter left after doing one tray so a second followed and then I finally had the chance to use my star molds.

I love them.
They were given to me by the special friend who I was meeting with.

So I packed up the pram with blankets, cupcakes, bbig jug of cold cordial and cups and set off.
It was lovely.
We will be doing it again.
And again.
But maybe next time I will think ahead and prepare my dough in advance, so she can try my yummy pesto scrolls.

Oh yeah did I mention the little girl LOVES the toy I made her? :)

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