Monday, January 30, 2012

Baking With Peanut Butter

I had a sudden jolt of an idea pop into my head the other day...
While looking at my jar of peanut butter I thought to myself:
"Could I make my usual butter biscuits using peanut butter instead of butter? It would taste pretty good made into jam drops!"

Of course I have seen, and made, peanut butter biscuits before.
But with jam?
I'm sure they are out there somewhere.

Anyway, I tweaked the recipe, I mixed, I baked.

I used butter and peanut butter and they came out yummy. A bit more dense than the usual biscuits but with a nice subtle flavour.
I had some dough left over and decided to do a kitchen experiment.
One of our favourite slices in this house is a coconut jam slice.
The one with the biscuit base, layer of jam and then a crispy coconut top.
I thought it would be a nice change to use the peanut butter dough and got to work...

Look a bit funny for jam?
I ran out!
I had about a teaspoon of jam left so I mixed it with some fresh honey from my mum's bees.
Peanut butter and honey are a great combination!

So here you have it...

It was nice, a little dry, could do with a dollop of cream.

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